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Smashed Lamborghini, insurance fraud charge the latest legal ...

David Juntunen (Courtesy of Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

The gray Lamborghini must've looked as tempting as it was fast.

So tempting, prosecutors allege, that one night last March, the businessman entrusted by a customer to store the sports car over the winter squeezed into its bucket seats with a lady friend and took the car for a very fast spin.

The joyride that David Norman Juntunen and Pamela Jean DuPont took came to an abrupt end when Juntunen slammed the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo into three trees, knocked over a light pole and tore off a front wheel, causing more than $84,000 in damage to the car.

Hennepin County prosecutors say that what followed was a string of lies to investigators that resulted in both Minneapolis residents being charged Friday, Jan. 25, with insurance fraud and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Juntunen, 39, is in jail in lieu of $80,000 bail and is to make his first court appearance Monday. DuPont, 40, was charged through a summons; no court appearance has been scheduled for her yet.

Juntunen -- who sometimes calls himself "Superdave" -- runs Top Gear Autoworks on Minneapolis' East Lake Street. The business services and provides storage for exotic foreign cars. A message left at the business was not immediately returned Friday.

"Top Gear was started by David 'Superdave' Juntunen who has garnered local acclaim as a responsible, experienced and trustworthy automotive specialist," proclaims the company's website, adding "What makes us different? In a word ... ethics."


cops in nine Minnesota counties know him as something else: a convicted sex offender, drunken driver, repeat traffic offender and a guy who'll flee. State records show that before Friday's criminal complaint was filed, Juntunen had been charged with 59 crimes in 30 court cases; 38 of the charges involved driving-related offenses, including 13 counts of driving after his license had been revoked and 10 counts of driving while impaired.

His state record includes convictions for criminal sexual conduct, driving after cancellation (five times), driving while intoxicated (two times), reckless driving and, most recently, fleeing a police officer in 2010.

He's due in court in Ramsey County on Feb. 11 on a charge of reckless driving filed in November -- a charge filed eight days after he pleaded guilty to driving 83 mph in a 70-mph zone in Freeborn County. A week after he was charged in that speeding case, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in Hennepin County.

In the new criminal complaint, Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Paul Scoggin wrote that in November 2011, a man identified in the complaint only as "J.K.C." contracted with Juntunen's business to service and provide winter storage for two cars, including the Lamborghini.

A month later, the man emailed Juntunen and told him that since the cars were in storage, he had suspended their collision insurance.

The first Gallardo rolled off Lamborghini's Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, assembly line in 2003. Various online sources put the value of a 2007 Gallardo (depending on appointments) as between $178,550 to $200,000.

It has a top speed of nearly 200 mph and as one online reviewer noted: "This thing is so quick, so fast, so loud, and sounds so angry at full-throttle that it may scare kids, old people, pets, and livestock. But that's just part of its charm."

The complaint says that on the night of March 8, Juntunen took the Lamborghini out of storage.

About 1:45 a.m. March 9, a Fridley police officer had stopped a suspected drunken driver on University Avenue and was having the car towed when a Lamborghini sped by "at a high rate of speed," Scoggin wrote.

The tow truck driver got part of the license plate number.

About 15 minutes later, residents near B.F. Nelson Park on Main Street East in Minneapolis heard a crash. A car had struck three trees and knocked over a light pole. But when Minneapolis Park Police were called to the scene the next day, there was no car.

What followed was old-fashioned police work, said Lt. Robert Goodsell, who heads investigations for the park police.

He said there was no telling what speed the sports car was going when it hit the trees, but it was fast.

"I would say the damage to hit the trees, to take down the trees and the light poles and rip the wheel off the car, I would say that would take some velocity," said Goodsell. "For parts like that to be removed, it's hard to say what speed it was going. What does it take to rip a front wheel off a car?"

According to the criminal complaint, Juntunen had the car towed back to his business and didn't report the incident to police. Later that day, he filed a claim with Top Gear's insurer, whose adjustor determined it would cost $84,480.12 to repair the car.

Juntunen initially told the insurance company that he'd been driving the car to another Top Gear storage facility, but he apparently later said the car was being driven by DuPont, who had started working at Top Gear a few weeks before the crash, the complaint said.

When police spoke to Juntunen and DuPont, they claimed DuPont had been driving and "swerved to avoid striking an animal and went off the road where the vehicle hit trees and light poles," Scoggin wrote.

The insurance company didn't think their stories added up. The insurer told Juntunen and DuPont that they'd have to give sworn statements about the crash, but neither showed up on the scheduled date.

The insurer refused to pay the claim.

Scoggin said that on Dec. 13, Juntunen met with the vehicle's owner and admitted he took the Lamborghini out without permission.

The owner asked him why he wouldn't go back to the insurer and ask them to pay for the damage, and "Juntunen said, 'If I ask them to pay based on the statements I gave, I'm going to prison. It's insurance fraud,' " Scoggin wrote.

The owner had only storage insurance on the vehicle and, as Scoggin noted, "To date, the damaged Lamborghini has not been repaired."

The criminal complaint notes that because of Juntunen's driving-related convictions, "any vehicle he operates is required to be equipped with ignition interlock."

The insurance fraud claim against both alleges that they conspired to defraud the insurance company by lying about the crash and concealing facts about it. The maximum sentence for insurance fraud is 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

The second count each faces accuses them of taking the car without the owner's consent. That crime carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

David Hanners can be reached at 612-338-6516.


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J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode VII


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Asbestos News Roundup: 1.24.13 - Asbestos in Schools ...

January 24th, 2013. By LucyC

AsbestosRoundupLogo1 Asbestos News Roundup: 1.24.13   Asbestos in SchoolsThis week?s asbestos news roundup includes all the recent asbestos-related news and information that you should be aware of. An ongoing list of reported asbestos hot spots in the US from the Asbestos News Roundup archive appears on our asbestos map.

Asbestos Risk in Schools

Building materials and insulation such as drywall, floor/ceiling tile, applied fireproofing spray, and piping/boiler insulation used in the construction of schools prior to 1980, frequently contained asbestos.

While undisturbed asbestos materials generally do not pose a health risk to students and teachers, over time they can become hazardous due to deterioration or damage.

If asbestos containing materials are disturbed, (e.g. during the installation, maintenance, or removal process), asbestos fibers may become airborne and pose a health threat to students, teachers and other employees within the schools. Once asbestos fibers are inhaled or swallowed, the risk of getting an asbestos related disease, such as asbestosis or mesothelioma, also increases. Student exposure to asbestos in schools is particularly concerning because once the fibers accumulate in the lungs, the latency period between asbestos exposure and the onset of symptoms can take as long as 20 to 50 years.

The federal government has been regulating the use of asbestos in schools since the 1980?s. Schools now have regulatory requirements and management plans to reduce the risk of potential asbestos exposure for students and teachers. However, until the presence of asbestos in schools is eliminated entirely, many believe it will continue to pose a health risk.

Asbestos Lawsuit

Charleston, WV: 50 companies have been named as defendants in an asbestos lawsuit filed by Ray Earl Wamsley II who was diagnosed with asbestosis on April 11, 2012. In his lawsuit, Wamsley claims the defendants are responsible for his asbestosis disease.

Specifically, Wamsley alleges the defendants exposed him to asbestos during his employment as a head artist, decorator, pipefitter, painter and electrician?s helper from 1969 until 1993. Wamsley further claims the defendants failed to warn him of the dangers of asbestos.

The defendants are being sued based on theories of negligence, contaminated buildings, breach of expressed/implied warranty, strict liability, intentional tort, conspiracy, misrepresentations and post-sale duty to warn, according to the suit. (

Charleston, WV: John E. Huxley and his wife, Lucille A. Huxley, have named 134 companies as defendants in their asbestos lawsuit, filed this month. In their lawsuit, they claim the defendants are responsible for Mr.Huxley?s diagnosis of asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Huxley was diagnosed with asbestosis and mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos while employed at various job sites and locations throughout West Virginia and while his mother was employed at E.I. Du Point De Nemours & Company, according to the lawsuit.

The Huxleys claim the defendants failed to warn Mr. Huxley of the dangers of asbestos and failed to take reasonable precautions to warn him of the dangers. Further, the lawsuit states the defendants failed to place any warnings on the asbestos-containing products to warn handlers of the dangers of the products and failed to warn of the dangers of other ingredients in their products, including silica.

The Huxleys claim the defendants were negligent and caused John Huxley to suffer his lung injuries, shock and other nervous or emotional disorders. (

Charleston, WV: Norman T. Dial, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma on October 8, 2012 has filed an asbestos lawsuit, naming 70 companies as defendants responsible for his asbestos disease.

Dial and his wife, Marcia C. Dial, claim the defendants exposed him to asbestos during his employment as a store assistant, laborer, deck hand and operator from 1954 until 1999. The couple also alleges the defendants exposed Mr. Dial to asbestos and/or asbestos-containing fibers during his career and failed to warn him about the dangers.

The defendants are being sued based on theories of negligence, contaminated buildings, breach of expressed/implied warranty, strict liability, intentional tort, conspiracy, misrepresentation and post-sale duty to warn, according to the suit.

The lawsuit contends that the defendants? actions kept the Huxleys and others ignorant of the dangers of asbestos and other products and in this way, the conspirators aided efforts to sell products containing asbestos.(

Charleston, WV: Cletis William Adkins and his wife, Lola Lee Adkins are suing 62 companies they claim are responsible for Mr. Adkins diagnosis of asbestos-related lung cancer.

In the lawsuit, Adkins, diagnosed with lung cancer on September 10, 2012, claims the defendants exposed him to asbestos during his employment as a laborer, high lift operator and custodian from 1955 until 1994. Further, the Adkins allege the defendants exposed Cletis Adkins to asbestos and/or asbestos-containing fibers during his career and failed to warn him about the dangers.

The defendants are being sued based on theories of negligence, contaminated buildings, breach of expressed/implied warranty, strict liability, intentional tort, conspiracy, misrepresentation and post-sale duty to warn, according to the suit. (

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Official: China recovering from 'soft landing'

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) ? China's economy is now recovering from a "soft landing," but the big challenge in 2013 will be to prevent overheating while still promoting growth, the head of China's National Economic Research Institute said Wednesday.

Fan Gang told a session on China's growth prospects at the World Economic Forum in this Swiss Alpine resort that the world's second-largest economy should grow faster in 2013 than it did last year.

China posted growth of 7.8 percent last year, its weakest performance since the 1990s, but its economy started reviving at the end of the year when growth rose to 7.9 percent, up from the two previous quarters.

"Now I can say the 'soft landing' has landed last year, and now it's under way to recovery," said Fan, whose institute is part of the Chinese government.

The recovery would coincide with China's new leadership. Vice President Xi Jinping was chosen in November to succeed President Hu Jintao as party leader ? and he will take over the presidency in the spring.

Fan said growth could be supported by local governors' plans for infrastructure spending and new housing construction spurred by migration from rural areas to cities.

The challenge will be, he said, to see how the central government and the banking system can work together to maintain growth while not allowing the added government spending to promote further heavy borrowing and overheating of investments.

If that happens, Fan said, "I do believe that in 2013 China can grow around 8 to 8.5 percent, and that will lay down a good foundation for the next couple of years."

Fan said 2013 could also be the year to start the new round of financial, economic, regulatory and social reforms that the Chinese are all expecting.

"The new leadership now talking quite much about reform and reform and reform, and the restructuring, restructuring and restructuring," he said.

The leaders are calling for recommendations, Fan said.

He said "all kinds of people ? not only the reformers but also people that want to go back to the planned economy, people that want to go back to the government social welfare" ? are submitting ideas.

But Fan said "we expect the new leadership will mainly keep the direction of reform, in a market-oriented direction."

Hopefully, he said, this will lead to a new round of reform that keeps growth going in the next five to 10 years.

Fan said new policies and reforms might be announced at a meeting of the People's Congress in the fall.

He said key reforms needed are in the central government's relationship with local governments and the markets, the monopoly of state companies and how to promote fair competition, and on social security issues including income distribution and redistribution, and taxation.

Wang Boming, editor-in-chief of the Caijing financial magazine, said the economy did bounce back in the fourth quarter last year "but people are asking, is that sustainable?"

He said what was really surprising in last year's growth of 7.8 percent was that for the first time, more than half the growth came from consumption, not exports and investment which have driven China's economy for the past 10 to 20 years.

Wang cited two key reasons for the upsurge in consumer spending ? a 100 percent increase in online shopping last year and an increase in the income of people in rural areas, partly due to high grain prices. He said there was also a little bit of new financial reform and regulation.

At another session looking ahead to China in 2020, Li Jingtian, senior vice president at the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, stressed the government's commitment to reform. He also said he was "very confident" of maintaining economic growth, though there will be difficulties because of the international economic environment and determining how to drive internal consumption.

Ma Weihua, president and CEO of China Merchants Bank, said consumption holds the greatest potential because it is still low in China ? 35 percent compared to 70 percent in the United States. But he said if the government wants to increase spending it needs to address social security issues and income disparities.

Xu Xiaonian, professor of economics and finance at China Europe International Business School, said there is too much financial regulation and a clear bias toward state-owned companies.

The key question is whether the government has "political will to reform" and not just talk about it, he said.

"We have to give freedom to the press and media," Xu said, adding that that is the only way to know whether the party is serious about reforms.

"Otherwise, it's just lip service," he said.


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Defiant Clinton: US strengthening embassy security

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, at times emotional and fierce, insisted on Wednesday that the department is moving swiftly and aggressively to strengthen security at U.S. missions worldwide after the deadly Sept. 11 raid on the consulate in Libya.

In her last formal testimony on Capitol Hill as America's top diplomat ? but perhaps not her last time on the political stage ? Clinton once again took full responsibility for the department's missteps leading up to an assault at the U.S. facility in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Her voice cracking at one point, Clinton said the experience was highly personal.

"I stood next to President Obama as the Marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at Andrews. I put my arms around the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters," she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a jam-packed hearing.

Her voice rising to Republicans' challenges at another point, she defended the Obama administration and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who was vilified for widely debunked claims five days after the attack that protests precipitated the raid rather than terrorism. She challenged the GOP focus on Rice's comments, which were based on intelligence talking points.

"The fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?" a clearly exasperated and angry Clinton told Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. "It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator."

She insisted that "people were trying in real time to get to the best information," and that her focus was on looking ahead on how to improve security rather than revisiting the talking points and Rice's television appearance.

Clinton said the department is implementing the 29 recommendations of an independent review board that harshly criticized the department as well as going above and beyond the proposals, with a special focus on high-threat posts.

The review board report faulted "systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department" and four employees were put on administrative leave.

"Nobody is more committed to getting this right," she said. "I am determined to leave the State Department and our country safer, stronger, and more secure."

Three weeks after her release from a New York hospital, Clinton was at times defiant, complimentary and willing to chastise lawmakers. She tangled with some who could be rivals in 2016 if she decides to seek the presidency again.

She will appear before the committee on Thursday to introduce her likely successor, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., a session certain to be more reserved.

Clinton refused to back down from withering GOP criticism of the Obama administration's shifting explanations about the assault.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a Clinton friend in the Senate, offered praise along with harsh complaints.

"It's wonderful to see you in good health and combative as ever," McCain told a visibly slimmer Clinton, whose planned testimony last month was delayed because of her illness.

In the same breath, he dismissed her explanation of events, the administration's response to warnings about the deteriorating security situation in Libya and even the attention paid to Libya after rebels toppled strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

For her part, Clinton complained about the congressional holds placed on foreign aid and bilateral assistance. "We have to get our act together," she told the panel.

Her testimony focused not only on the attack but the growing threat from extremists in northern Africa, pointing out that Libya was not an isolated incident.

"The Arab revolutions have scrambled power dynamics and shattered security forces across the region," she said. "And instability in Mali has created an expanding safe haven for terrorists who look to extend their influence and plot further attacks of the kind we saw just last week in Algeria."

She said the Obama administration is pressing for a greater understanding of the hostage-taking there and rescue effort that left three Americans dead.

Clinton parried tough questions from Republicans, offering a detailed timeline of events on Sept. 11 and the Obama administration efforts to aid the Americans in Libya while simultaneously dealing with protests in Cairo and other countries.

GOP lawmakers repeatedly questioned Clinton about whether she had seen earlier requests for beefed-up security.

"I did not see these requests. They did not come to me. I did not approve them. I did not deny them," she said.

That provoked a testy response from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., a potential presidential candidate in 2016. He excoriated Clinton and expressed disbelief that she hadn't read the cables about security concerns.

"Had I been president at the time and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post," Paul told Clinton. "I think it's inexcusable.

Clinton took Republicans to task, chiding House GOP members for recently stripping $1 billion in security aid from the hurricane relief bill and the Senate panel for failing for years to produce an authorization bill.

In northern California, Stevens' stepfather, Bob Commanday, said the family has avoided discussions of whether security was adequate. He said Clinton had been in contact with the family on several occasions since the attack.

"We're very aware of her sympathy because of our contact with her and the way she has connected with us and written to us," he said. "It's a tragedy and nothing that is said or done can bring him back, so we are just going on with life."

In something of a valedictory, Clinton noted her robust itinerary in four years and her work, nearly 1 million miles and 112 countries.

"My faith in our country and our future is stronger than ever. Every time that blue and white airplane carrying the words "United States of America" touches down in some far-off capital, I feel again the honor it is to represent the world's indispensable nation. And I am confident that, with your help, we will continue to keep the United States safe, strong, and exceptional."

Clinton was the sole witness at back-to-back hearings before the Senate and House foreign policy panels on the September raid. She had been scheduled to testify before Congress last month, but an illness, a concussion and a blood clot near her brain forced her to postpone her appearance.

Absent from the hearing was Kerry. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., the incoming chairman, presided over the hearing.

Clinton's testimony was focusing on the Libya attack after more than three months of Republican charges that the Obama administration ignored signs of a deteriorating security situation there and cast an act of terrorism as mere protests over an anti-Muslim video in the heat of a presidential election. Washington officials suspect that militants linked to al-Qaida carried out the attack.

Politics play an outsized role in any appearance by Clinton, who sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 and is the subject of constant speculation about a possible bid in 2016. The former first lady and New York senator ? a polarizing figure dogged by controversy ? is about to end her four-year tenure at the State Department with high favorable ratings.

A poll early last month by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found 65 percent of Americans held a favorable impression of Clinton, compared with 29 percent unfavorable.

On the panel at the hearing were two possible 2016 Republican presidential candidates ? Florida's Marco Rubio and Paul, a new member of the committee.

Clinton did little to quiet the presidential chatter earlier this month when she returned to work at the State Department after her illness. On the subject of retirement, she said, "I don't know if that is a word I would use, but certainly stepping off the very fast track for a little while."


Associated Press writers Bradley Klapper and Andrew Miga in Washington, and Garance Burke in San Francisco contributed to this report.


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Does Stress Make You Age Faster?

President Barack Obama on (L) December 28, 2012 and again on March 17, 2009 (L). President Obama on Dec. 28, 2012 (L) and as he appeared on March 17, 2009 (R).

Photos by (L) Win McNamee/Getty Images, (R) Alex Wong/Getty Images

At the beginning of Barack Obama?s second term, many magazines and newspapers are looking back at how the president aged over the first four years. One time-lapse video, according to Gawker, shows the president ?Age 10 Years in 5 Years in 2 Minutes.? The Washington Post, meanwhile, shows photos of Obama ?Then & Now,? with former White House physician Connie Mariano describing presidents as looking like they ?fast-forwarded eight years in the span of four years,? presumably because of the stress of the job. Can chronic stress really cause early wrinkles and gray hair?

It?s not clear. While psychological stress can lead to DNA damage associated with aging, it?s not clear whether this damage manifests itself visibly, such as in crow?s feet around the eyes or a dusting of silver on the crown. That hasn?t stopped some news outlets from heralding a link between stress and graying hair. When a 2011 study showed a mechanism through which stress could cause DNA damage, articles in the the Daily Mail, Yahoo, and elsewhere touted the study as proof that stress can cause visible aging. ?Stress Really Does Make Your Hair Go Gray, Scientists Find,? proclaimed the headline in the Telegraph. However, the study had little or nothing to do with gray hair, with the words ?gray? and ?hair? never even appearing. Furthermore, the study used adrenaline, not stress, and it was conducted on mice, not humans. As William Saletan pointed out in Slate in 2009, many other studies have found no relationship between early graying and aging. For example, a study of 20,000 men and women in Copenhagen could find no relationship between deaths from heart disease and outward signs of aging, such as balding, wrinkly skin, and gray hair. Instead, most graying seems to be determined by genetics and has little to do with one?s health or proximity to the grave. If presidents tend to go gray while in office, it may simply be because most normal graying happens during the same years in which presidents serve in office.

If stress can indeed cause people to go gray and pruney more quickly, scientists have some leads on a few mechanisms that might be responsible. Stress has been shown to correlate with shorter telomeres, which are caps that protect the ends of chromosomes. When the telomeres, which are often likened to the casings that protect the ends of shoelaces, are gone, the chromosomes can begin to fall apart like a fraying shoelace. This possibly leads to cell damage and diseases associated with aging. Other potentially damaging processes include oxidation and glycation, though the relationship between these processes, stress, and visible aging is gray at best.

Stress could also lead to unhealthy behaviors that can cause premature aging. For example, stressful environments can prompt people to eat poorly, forget to take their vitamins, or take up smoking, all of which might contribute to visible aging. Fluctuations in weight, which can coincide with stressful periods, can also contribute to wrinkly skin. Though exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight can also cause premature wrinkling, it?s unlikely that the presidents are soaking up too much sun while stuck in the Oval Office.

?Overnight? graying from stress is extremely rare even if it exists at all. Though traumatized fictional characters have had their hair suddenly turn white since at least the days of Shakespeare (?Thy father?s beard is turned white with the news,? Falstaff tells the Prince in Henry IV, Part 1), the phenomenon, if real, remains unproven. Some supposed historical instances of ?Marie Antoinette syndrome? (for women) or ?Thomas More syndrome? (for men) appear to be apocryphal, the work of melodramatic historians, while others might be explained simply by the sudden deprivation of wigs or hair dye. When reports of canities subita, as dermatologists call it, surface today, they?re usually explained by ?alopecia areata,? a condition of sudden hair loss, though alopecia areata is not usually linked with stress.

Photo selection can also exaggerate the appearance of aging. While Obama?s sprinkles of gray started making headlines just 44 days into his presidency, an article yesterday from the Huffington Post actually complimented the president?s complexion. He had an ?amazing glow,? noted the Post, appearing ?refreshed, rested and really glowy.? Some CNN commentators agreed, remarking that the president ?looks five years younger.?

Got a question about today?s news??Ask the Explainer.

Explainer thanks Simon Gregory of Duke University and Ivona Percec of the University of Pennsylvania.


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New poll shows majority support legal status for undocumented ...

A majority of Americans favor an immigration reform plan that allows undocumented people to apply for legal status, according to a new poll released Thursday. Fifty-two percent say they support such a plan while 46 percent oppose it, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows. The survey shows that a majority of the public favors the general outline of a comprehensive immigration reform plan that President Barack Obama is expected to push in his second term.

For the first time in NBC?s poll, a majority say they support a path to legal status. The question was last posed in April 2007, when President George W. Bush spearheaded a push for comprehensive immigration reform. Then, 44 percent supported legal status while 51 percent opposed it.

But what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. remains one of the most difficult problems to resolve for lawmakers.

President Obama supports a plan that would provide an earned pathway to full citizenship for undocumented immigrants who pass a criminal background check, pay fines and back taxes, and learn English, along with other requirements. The White House?s 2011 blueprint for immigration reform says that it would take eight years to acquire a green card (legal permanent residency) and then an additional five years to become a citizen.

In a separate Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies poll sponsored by pro-immigration reform groups, including the National Immigration Forum, America?s Voice, and SEIU, 63 percent of respondents say they want immigration reform to include a path to citizenship.

But others who want to pass immigration reform don?t support a special pathway to full citizenship. For example, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) has released a plan that would allow undocumented people to apply for legal status that stops short of citizenship. The requirements would be similar to what Obama?s plan requires to apply for citizenship.

Rubio told The Wall Street Journal last weekend that undocumented immigrants could attempt to pursue a green card and citizenship under his plan, but that the process ?would have to be long enough to ensure that it?s not easier to do it this way than it would be the legal way.?

And there are others on the right-wing of the conservative movement who oppose any form of earned citizenship, dismissing it as a form of ?amnesty.?

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Snooki Family Photo: Cute Guido Overload!


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by wolverine on January 21, 2013

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Rovio Titles Among The Most Addictive Games For Kids, Study Finds

angry-birds-star-wars-splash_wide-4_3_r560Despite a burgeoning market filled with educational children's games and apps which aim to turn smartphones and tablets into tools for learning, when it comes to time spent actually playing games, kids are still gravitating to games that are more "fun" than instructive. At least that's what the folks at Kytephone?recently discovered. The startup, which offers tools that turn Android phones into kid-safe devices with parental controls, found that Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars is the most played game since its release, and several other Rovio titles top the charts in terms of time spent gaming.


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Basic Risk Management in Project Management | Business Blog

Risks can come from a variety of factors and identify one of the main goals of risk management in project management, evaluation and risks associated with a project or a portfolio project assigned priorities. To assess project managers and officers often risk management software risk probability of risks and other risk factors. In an effort to effectively manage the risks of any project In fact, good results are achieved with a single method of risk analysis, but different methods are combined to achieve the best results, usually with software risk management.

Project management is often the risks at an early stage of the project is to assess if the risk can not be completely avoided. The methods and techniques to assess and manage the risk in the project will be divided into four categories, including avoidance, reduction, sharing and storage. In general, the method of tax evasion on a concept not in a program, project or organization where the risks are not acceptable based involved. Other techniques are risk reduction (optimization) risk sharing or risk-transfer and storage of risks, most applications of risk management with options for risk analysis and concept suggests the problem.

Software risk management helps managers to plan the project activities in order to minimize the risks and resources can successfully map the hazards involved. In addition, require a complex approach to management of the project risk, the use of project risk databases collect and maintain information about the likelihood of significance and a brief description of the potential risks.

Modern applications of risk management and collaboration tools, the. The team about the risks in real-time reports and information on the measures to reduce the risk, allow to assess in power. The research phase of a project typically include a thorough analysis of all risks, risk managers identify and assess hazards start and end of the project. Adequate risk management in the management of the project will be used should be able to help assess the vulnerability of critical resources and identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate the identified risks. Therefore, the risk of creating value for the entire process of project management, or, in other words, the application of management techniques can do anything.

Accepts used on the other side, the distribution and use of software risk management in line with the broader business strategy and organizational processes and procedures within an organization reflect. These systems are active in the decision making process, but may only after a careful evaluation of the interoperability of the various departments in the areas of risk management and software compatibility were involved. In addition, risk reduction is an important part of any project, with appropriate controls to monitor and manage risk without. The entire project or a series of projects Therefore, the risk of the project follow a plan with care and attention to detail in order to avoid further complications if the risk materializes.


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