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Robert Creamer: The One and Only Cause of "Fiscal Cliff" Economic Crisis: Republicans Fear Tea Party Primaries

Often, economic crises are caused by real physical problems - like draught, war, demography, or technological innovation that robs one economy of a competitive advantage over another.

Other times, economic crises result when asset bubbles burst, or financial markets collapse. That was the case of the Great Depression - and more recently the Great Recession.

The economic crisis of the moment - the "fiscal cliff" - does not result from any of these factors. In fact it is not a real "economic crisis" at all, except that it could inflict serious economic hardship on many Americans and could drive the economy back into recession.

The "fiscal cliff" is a politically manufactured crisis. It was original concocted by the Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell as a way to get past the last crisis manufactured by the Republicans - the 2011 standoff over increasing the Federal Debt Ceiling.

Theoretically, "the cliff" - composed of increased taxes and huge, indiscriminant cuts in Federal programs - would be so frightening to policy makers that no one would ever consider allowing the nation to jump.

Now, America is on the brink of diving off the cliff for one and only one reason: many House Republicans are terrified of primary challenges from the Tea Party right.

That's right, if your tax bill goes up $2,200 a year, or you're one of the millions who would stop receiving unemployment benefits, the cause of your economic pain is not some a natural disaster, or a major structural flaw in the economy. The cause is Republican fear of being beaten in a primary by people like Sarah Palin, Sharon Angel or Richard Mourdock - funded by far Right Wing oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers. It's that simple.

Most normal Americans will have very little patience with Republicans as they begin to realize that GOP Members of Congress are willing to risk throwing the country back into a recession because they are worried about being beaten in low turn out primaries by people who do a better job than they do appealing to the extreme right fringe of the American electorate - and to the far Right plutocrats that are all too willing to stoke right wing passion and anger.

Nate Silver, of the New York Time's, argues in a recent column that one of the reasons for this phenomenon is the increasing polarization of the American electorate. That polarization translates in to fewer truly "swing" Congressional seats and an increasing number where Members are more concerned with primary challenges than they are with losing in a general election. He concludes that at this moment the number of solidly Republican seats is larger the number of solidly Democratic seats.

This, he argues is partially a result of redistricting by Republican legislatures that packed Democrats into a limited number of districts in many states. But he also contends it results from increasing polarization of the electorate in general. And it is due to the fact that solidly Democratic urban areas have very high concentrations of Democrats, where Republican performing areas tend to have relatively lower concentrations of Republicans. These reasons help explain why, even though Democrats got more votes in House races this cycle than Republicans, Republicans still have more seats in the House.

Increased political polarization in the United States is not a result of some accident or act of God. In 2006, political scientists Nolan McCarty, Kevin T. Poole and Howard Rosenthal published a study of political polarization called Polarized America: The Dance of Ideology and Unequal Riches. Their study found that there is a direct relationship between economic inequality and polarization in American politics.

They measured political polarization in congressional votes over the last century, and found a direct correlation with the percentage of income received by the top 1% of the electorate. It is no accident that the years following the second World War, a period of low political polarization, was also a period that economist Paul Krugman refers to as the "great compression" -- with robust economic growth for most Americans and reducing levels of economic inequality. In other words, it turns out that if you want less political polarization, the best medicine is reducing income inequality.

Of course, one of the other major factors feeding the GOP fear of primaries is that, because of the Citizens United decision, far right plutocrats can now inject virtually unlimited amounts of money into primary races. Unlimited independent expenditures have so far been much more successful in unseating incumbent Republican Members of Congress than it has been winning General Elections.

In the end, of course the relatively more diluted presence of Republicans in Republican districts - and the country's changing demographics -- may allow Democrats to win many currently Republican seats. What's more, Republican near term concern about primary challenges - and the stridency it breeds -- may alienate increasing numbers of moderate Republican leading independents. We've already seen this effect in the Presidential and Senate races and it would not be surprising that by 2014 many of the primary obsessed Republican incumbents are hoisted on their own petard in the General Election. Just ask Tea Party Members of Congress who were defeated in 2012, like Alan West and Joe Walsh. But in the near term, at least, there is also no question that many occupants of Republican seats appear far more concerned with primary challenges than they are with general elections.

If House Speaker Boehner is to be successful passing any form of compromise to avoid the "fiscal cliff" - either before the end of the year or after - he will need to convince Republican Members of the House that he is doing them a favor by bringing a bill the floor that can pass even with many Republicans voting no. That, of course requires that the deal is good enough to allow many Democrats to vote yes.

Boehner will get political cover for that kind of maneuver if a bill passes out of the Senate with bi-partisan support. But even then, he will certainly weigh whether he risks his otherwise certain re-election as Speaker on January 3rd if he acts before the country goes over the cliff at midnight, December 31.

Of course the many Republicans that will never support any form of tax compromise don't justify their position by explaining they are more concerned with primaries than they are of general elections. In fact they generally fall back on one of three myths that are themselves utter nonsense.

Myth #1 - You shouldn't tax the wealthy because they are "job creators". The plain fact is that no one invests money in any business if they do not think there are customers with money in their pockets to buy the products or services they produce.

Customers with money in their pockets are "job creators" - and the root of our current economic problems can be traced directly to the fact that everyday consumers are receiving a smaller and smaller percentage of the national economic pie and as a result have less ability to to buy the increasing number of products and services our economy can create. In fact, wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of the nation's gross domestic product since the government started keeping records in 1947. And corporate profits have climbed to their highest levels since the 1960's.

Over the last two decades, per capita Gross Domestic Product has gone up; productivity per hour of work has gone up; but the median income of ordinary Americans has remained stagnant. That is only possible because all of the growth in our economy has been siphoned off by the top 2% of the population.

And it has meant that everyday people haven't had the money in their pockets to buy the increased numbers of goods and services that are the consequence of that increased productivity. Stagnation and slow economic growth has been the result.

Henry Ford had this right. For the economy to grow over time, workers need to be paid enough to buy the products they produce.

If you want the economy to grow, the fruits of economic growth must be spread equally throughout the economy - if not consumers won't have the money to buy and, as a consequence, investors won't invest.

Higher taxes on the wealthy - including higher estate taxes on fortunes left to the sons and daughters of multi-millionaires - are not "bad" for the economy - just the opposite. They help address the economic inequality that is the core problem in our economy.

Myth #2 - Our biggest problem is the federal deficit. This is just flat wrong. It is the economic equivalent of the medieval view that you should "bleed" patients when they are sick.

We have learned from centuries of economic history, that when an economy is recovering from a recession, the right medicine for sluggish economic demand is more fiscal stimulus - and in the short run that does not mean lower deficits.

More economic stimulus, of the type that the President proposed in the American Jobs Act over a year ago, puts money in people's pockets who can then spend it on more products and stimulate more investment. Austerity and reducing national debt will yield the same outcome we have recently seen in Europe - another recession. And that is exactly what the deficit hawks are likely to get if America slides of the fiscal cliff and stays there.

Right Wing deficit hawks are fond of warning that if we don't cut the deficit, the country could turn into Greece - or some other European country that can't pay it's bills. They ignore the fact that right now U.S. Treasury Bonds are considered the safest investments in the world, and interest rates are at a record low. They also ignore the fact that, unlike the Europeans, the American Federal Reserve can monetize the federal debt and assure that U.S. bond holders are always paid -- unless, of course, the Republicans refuse to pay the debts that we owe, which would be like committing economic Hara-Kiri.

In fact, the quickest way for America to become like Europe is a precipitous reduction of the federal spending. Ask the Brits how that worked out.

Finally, of course, let's remember that the way to reduce the deficit is not an inscrutable mystery. When Democrat Bill Clinton was President he did it, just a few short years ago. The recipe for success involved two factors: increasing revenue, especially from the wealthy, and growing the economy.

Today we would have to add, the need to control the spiraling increase in health care costs. While ObamaCare will make big steps in that direction, much more will be needed. Shifting costs to seniors and other consumers by cutting Medicare or Medicaid benefits is not controlling health care costs - it is simply shifting them from government to individuals. And what is needed is not more de-regulation of for-profit health care companies. In fact we ultimately need to follow the model of the Canadians - and most of the other industrial nations in the world - and provide a universal Medicare coverage to all Americans. Our system of private health insurance is simply too expensive. Americans, after all, pay 40% more than any other country per capita for health care and have outcomes that rank only 37th in the world.

Myth #3 - Government is always bad and- as Grover Norquist argues - must be shrunk so it can be drowned in a bathtub.

Let's ignore for a moment the fact that while Republicans talk about small government, they inevitably expand it when they control the White House - mostly in the form of larger military budgets.

Government, as Congressman Barney Frank says, is the name we give to the things we choose to do together--and that includes many of the most important things we do in our economy. From fire and police protection to providing free public education and health care for all, to building public infrastructure, to creating the Internet - government does a better, more efficient, more equitable job in many economic arenas than the private sector.

To hear the Republicans talk you wouldn't know it, but right now taxes are at their lowest levels since 1958.

Right now in America we need more government - more education, more roads and bridges, more mass transportation, more cancer research, more health care, more nutrition programs, more drug education and treatment - not less. More government shouldn't mean more regulation of our freedom - it should mean that when we co-operate together we have the ability to achieve more than if everyone is left to sink or swim. Government action is necessary to provide the foundation from which each person can individually excel.

The question of the type of society we want in America was squarely on the ballot in the election last November, and voters overwhelming voted for a society where we have each other's back - where we're all in this together, not all in this alone.

Progressives need to make all of these arguments to win the battle for the future. But let's remember that the unwillingness of most Republicans to compromise to avoid the "fiscal cliff" - or anything else - has less to do with their commitment to their ultra right principles than to the protection of their own political hides.

That being the case, there are only two ways to convince Republicans to compromise. One is to demonstrate that their obsession with primary challenges from the right will ultimately lead them to defeat in General Elections. The second is to defeat them so badly in the next General Election that they no longer have the power to impose the will of an extremist minority on the people of the United States.

Robert Creamer is a long-time political organizer and strategist, and author of the book: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, available on He is a partner in Democracy Partners and a Senior Strategist for Americans United for Change. Follow him on Twitter @rbcreamer.




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Beyonce, Chili Peppers, among NYE lineup in Vegas - KansasCity ...

Sin City has another New Year's Eve planned with celebrity-studded bashes, exclusive concerts and a rooftop fireworks display billed as the nation's largest.

Big-name celebrity acts including The Black Keys, The Killers and Pitbull will help hundreds of thousands of partiers ring in the new year Monday under the watchful eyes of a legion of law enforcement officers concerned with keeping the celebration peaceful and eager casino bosses concerned with ending 2012 with a profitable bang.The Red Hot Chili Peppers are performing a sold-out show at the Cosmopolitan's Chelsea Ballroom that will be broadcast live on the casino's 65-foot marquee to partiers on the Strip below. Beyonce will give an invitation-only performance in the Wynn's 1,500-seat-amphitheater.Other casino are touting pricey nightclub bashes with $3,000 bottle service and open bars, hosted by reality TV and music celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Brandy.Revelers can also party celebrity-free on the Brooklyn Bridge at the New York-New York Hotel, where tickets start at $170, or inside the replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, where couples packages start at $300.Those unimpressed with the ersatz offerings on the Strip can head 15 minutes south to a Great Gatsby soir?e set inside a private airplane hangar. Organizers say the aviation-themed bash will recall a time "when the parties were bigger, the morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper."Las Vegas' New Year's eve festivities, dubbed "America's Party," have doubled in size since 1990. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Authority expects 332,000 visitors Monday, equal to the record-breaking number that flocked to last year's celebration.That number has hoteliers happy, but does not rival other New Year's Eve celebrations. The ball drop at New York City's Times Square draws more than 1 million spectators, and some 2 million people flock to the shores of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro for music and fireworks.Still, Las Vegas is dealing a full house this weekend, with hotel occupancy approaching 100 percent, according to Dawn Christensen of the visitor's authority, and rooms going for several times the normal price.The city room suite at the Cosmopolitan can be had for $210 on Tuesday, but costs $650 Monday. The deluxe king room at Caesars Palace is going for $519 on Monday, compared with $139 Tuesday.With gambling revenue still down 20 percent in the Las Vegas area and visitor levels only recently returning to pre-recession levels this year, New Year's Eve is a crucial night for the casino industry. It's the biggest money-maker of the year, projected to bring in $210 million on Monday alone, not counting gambling revenue.Spectators will be treated to more than eight minutes of coordinated pyrotechnics costing $500,000. The fireworks will be shot from the rooftops of seven hotel-casinos, from the MGM Grand toward the south end of the Strip to the Stratosphere in the north.The show will feature a medley of bubblegum pop, including The Wanted's "Glad You Came" and Pink's "Raise Your Glass."Grucci, the so-called "first family of fireworks," is bringing some extra flash to the city of lights for the eighth year in a row. CFO Felix Grucci said he chooses the score first and then establishes his choreography, as a nightclub or Broadway musical director might."It's a combination of science and art; mainly art," he said.A few miles north, the downtown Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall will stage its fifth annual TributePalooza, with cover bands playing to an adults-only crowd.Virtual fireworks will light up the mall's blocks-long metal canopy, which boasts the world's largest video screen."I've been to a lot of places, and this is the best," said Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who will lead the Fremont countdown. "One hotel after another, one place to go after another. It's all happening."Police plan to shut down Strip traffic six hours before midnight so that revelers can spill into the four-mile stretch of road normally packed with cars at night. Casinos will lock their doors to all but paying guests.The city's 2,700 metro police officers will be visible on horses and bicycles, and will also blend into the crowd and watch for bad behavior and more serious offenses.Police made 114 arrests for drunken driving during last year's festivities."Our primary mission is crowd safety," said Lt. Jason Letkiewicz, who will be overseeing the command center on the Strip. "It's usually a real good crowd. They want to party, they want to have a good time."About 300 Nevada National Guard troops will also take up stations around town, where they will be on the lookout for possible terrorist threats.Street sweepers will move in around 2 a.m. and finish up by dawn. They typically collect 50 cubic yards of trash, enough to fill the 10,000-gallon double archway aquarium at the MGM Grand's Rainforest Cafe.

Hannah Dreier can be reached at


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Hundreds raised for London Marathon effort

A bid to fulfil a Quarrington woman?s lifelong dream is a step closer thanks to a day of indulgence and pampering.

Julie Spencer has won a place to run in next year?s London Marathon for domestic violence charity Refuge, a charity close to her heart, and to do so she needs to raise more than ?1,000. To give herself a good headstart, she organised a fundraising Pamper Day at The Source church hall in Sleaford last weekend.

The event lived up to its headline of ?three hours of pure indulgence? with treatments including crystal healing, Indian head massage, hair pin ups, Reiki, Hopi ear candles, spray tans, eyebrow threading, Marvelscara, massages and much more, with a range of handmade crafts, cards and jewellery, books, CDs and a raffle.

Julie said: ?The day went really well and I raised ?471 which is great, there?s only about another ?500 to go.?

So far through online donations and the proceeds from the pamper day, Julie has raised more than ?760 towards her fund raising total so is well on her way to reaching her target of ?1,300.

To raise the rest, Julie will be running another indulgent event with a treatment-only Pamper Day on January 27 at the Impact Gym in Sleaford, where owner Greg Darmon will open up the bar upstairs so that husbands and boyfriends can have a drink while the ladies pamper themselves.

Treatments included will be spiritual healing, Indian head massages and many more, running from 12noon to 3pm.

To donate to Julie?s cause, visit her JustGiving page at


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Friday, December 14, 2012

Personal Training |

Gone are the days where people think Perth Personal Training ?is a luxury. People now?respect and understand the importance of Perth Personal Training ?as they recognized the high value of their own health.

Just as we take our accounts to the accountant and our car to the mechanic for expert advice, more people now appreciate the benefits?and?expertise of a Personal Trainer. An expert Personal Trainer?will guide?and?inspire?you through the invigorating, challenging and?rewarding?process of transformation. An expert Personal Trainer will?teach you techniques and tools?to gain a deeper understanding of?your?body,?exercise and efficiency.


Your Personal Trainer will educate you, not so that you become dependent on them for their service, but rather that you learn the tools to train yourself for life. Your Personal Trainer will ensure that you are working safely and with correct alignment. Training?with incorrect form puts you at a high risk of injury.


Training and good health works under a very basic cause and effect principle. If you want good health and a body you love and are proud of, you must do what needs to be done ? plain and simple. Having your Personal Trainer to be accountable to is highly motivating and effective. Your Personal Trainer will not fall prey to the excuses that have been stopping you from being?who you want to be?and will remind you of the reasons you need?to make the change. Your Personal Trainer keeps you on track.
No matter how fit or strong you are, or are not? an athlete or a novice, you will always work more effectively with a Personal Trainer. It is natural for all of us to stop at a certain point of challenge. You are only ever on an upward spiral or a downward spiral. Having?your Personal Trainer to encourage you through the challenge, the part that you wouldn?t do if you didn?t have a Trainer, IS the difference between you sliding downward fast or finding yourself on a trajectory upwards to which you want to?become ? a fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier, happier, alive and energized you.


Perth Personal Training ?isn?t just about what you do with your body and in the Gym. It?s about shedding light on your current situation, taking a good honest look at yourself, and addressing things truthfully. Perth Personal Training ?is about digging down deep enough inside yourself?that you?find the courage to do what needs to be done and taking action steps now to do it, regardless of all of the excuses and reasons that you can come up with not to. Often we don?t follow through with the things we know we should do or we sabotage ourselves with doing things we know we shouldn?t do ? and we don?t know why! Your Personal Trainer is there to keep bringing you back to the light, back to the reasons why you are worth it.

Physical Benefits of Perth Personal Training

  • Weight loss ? increase metabolic rate creating body to work more efficiently
  • Muscle gain ? increase muscle tone, gain muscle mass, tones the body
  • Aids in the Prevention of numerous diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduces Blood pressure
  • Has been proven to reverse the signs and reduce the risk of osteoporosis increases bone density
  • Regulates hormones and have direct effect reducing or minimizing? disorders such as thyroid dysfunction
  • Postural alignment and correction at a skeletal and muscular? level
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Reduces? depressive behavior
  • Lifts Self esteem
  • Increases energy levels



Lords Recreation Centre offers one of the finest gyms in Perth. Lords is equipped with modern fitness facilities, swimming pool and indoor courts within a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
Personal Training Perth | Gyms in Perth


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Trading soccer for wickets in Nigeria cricket boom

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) ? Near the parade ground that Queen Elizabeth II once toured when Nigeria was still under British rule, the sharp crack of a ball against a bat marks the rebirth of a colonial sport now finding a second life.

Cricket, once the preserve of Nigeria's educated elite, is finding favor in schools for poor children and in the streets of some of the nation's most violence-torn cities.

"We want cricket to reach across the country," said Nigeria cricket federation president Kwesi Sagoe, whose father and grandfather both played on Nigeria's national cricket teams. "We need to get the kids right from birth to accept the culture of cricket. ... We want to get to the point where a kid is born and, at (age) two or three, they're already thinking about playing cricket, so it's as popular as football (soccer)."

Soccer remains unchallenged as Nigeria's favorite game. Drivers show off license plate frames or stickers from their favorite English Premier League clubs in snarling Lagos traffic; Nigerian names dot rosters in top-flight European teams. Soccer, which can be reduced to just a ball and some space, is also more accessible, as pieces of rubbish often demarcate goal post areas in pickup games.

Yet cricket has a long history in the country. British colonialists introduced the game to boarders in Nigeria's top secondary schools in the 19th century. Nigeria played its first recorded international game in 1904 against present-day Ghana, local cricket officials say.

A lack of cash to buy equipment, however, fettered cricket's appeal over the years, leaving most Nigerians today puzzled by the bat-and-ball game. That is changing as cricket federation officials like coach Joseph Oche Onoja adapt the game on the cheap to Nigeria's realities. Fielders at his matches don't wear uniforms and batsmen don't don helmets. They use an $8-version of the professional bats that can cost between $250 and $400. Instead of a hard leather ball, his players make do with tennis balls. And players accept that the pitch's bumps may divert the ball from its intended target.

In Nigeria's north, street hawkers see Onoja and shout in the local Hausa language, asking if they can play, too.

"I tell them to drop their oranges or whatever they're selling and join the game," Onoja said.

He's even worked to win over new cricket fans in places such as Borno state, which faces near-daily attacks by the radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram. The violence has prevented the federation from organizing games there in recent months, but it continues to donate free gear to those determined to keep playing.

Only a sliver of the cricket federation's budget comes from the government; about half comes from the International Cricket Council and the rest comes from income-generating initiatives such as renting the pitch for social events that will not damage their prized field.

The efforts to develop cricket are bringing results. In 2002, Nigeria graduated from being an affiliate member to an associate member of the International Cricket Council, bringing it one step closer to the league of such cricket powerhouses as South Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia and the West Indies. In 2008, Nigeria was ranked for the first time among cricket-playing nations, in 39th place. It is now ranked 37th out of 106 cricket-playing countries and fifth in Africa, the International Cricket Council's website says.

The federation also formed its first national women cricket team last year. Coach Onoja proudly shows anyone who asks pictures of hijab-wearing women playing cricket in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north.

More than an alternative sport, the game also serves as one more avenue to escape hardship in a country of more than 160 million people with few opportunities for its youth.

"Cricket is all I've got and I've used it to achieve a lot in life," said Saheed Olawale Akolade, a 20-year-old fast bowler for Nigeria's national team who lost both his parents before his 10th birthday. He also plays for Britain's MildenHall Cricket Club during the seven-month season.

Akolade offers this advice to young players: "Give it a try. ... Imagine if years back I hadn't given cricket a try; what would I be doing today?"



Nigeria Cricket Federation:


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The Stoner Channel: Buildings Get Gif'd, Viruses Get Played, and Genitals Get Melody

How Gif-iti Is Made

More »


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Brits spend year's salary on Christmas during working ... - Clear Debt

by News Team on December 12th, 2012

Brits will spend a total of ?20,072 on Christmas presents over the course of their working lives.

Figures compiled by the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and MoneySupermarket show that people are parting with an entire year's gross salary for the average earner in the UK.

Individuals are planning to purchase ?445 worth of goods this year, which is up from the previous year's figure of ?437. Spending was also found to peak when people are between the ages of 35 and 54.

However, 77 per cent of respondents said they are concerned about the cost of the festive period, while one-third are very or extremely worried and 52 per cent admitted they spend more than they should.

If people are overstretching themselves, then they may face a financial hangover in the new year. Should this problem spiral out of control, then debt consolidation may be the only option open to them.

A debt management plan offers people who owe at least ?1,500 to more than one creditor the chance to bring their circumstances under control. It means people will only face one affordable monthly payment, while consumers will be left with enough money to live on.

Helen Dean, managing director of scheme development at NEST, said: "It's shocking that it will cost many of us the equivalent of a full year's salary over our working lives. No wonder spending at this time of year is such a concern for so many families.

"Shaving just a little bit off the annual festive bill and focusing on enjoying time with family could mean more peace of mind now and big savings over the long term."

Clare Francis, financial expert at MoneySupermarket, noted people should always be looking to manage their finances so they do not face any unforeseen expenses. With only 37 per cent of individuals using their disposable income to pay for Christmas, she added too many consumers are turning to credit and store cards.

By Amy White


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Classes and Schedule

Sincerely, Anon

In Mackenzie Prep, we all have secrets. But when someone finds out yours, what will you do to stop it spreading?


Game Masters:

This topic is an Out Of Character part of the roleplay, ?Sincerely, Anon?. Anything posted here will also show up there.

Topic Tags:

Forum for completely Out of Character (OOC) discussion, based around whatever is happening In Character (IC). Discuss plans, storylines, and events; Recruit for your roleplaying game, or find a GM for your playergroup.
To keep the role play moving, there shall be three classes in a day, we'll just have to pretend there we're more.. xD


Monday: English - BREAK - Geography - LUNCH - Science
Tuesday: Maths - BREAK - History - LUNCH - Chosen Language
Wednesday: P.E - BREAK - SPHE - LUNCH - English
Thursday: CSPE - BREAK - Maths - LUNCH - Geography
Friday: Chosen Language - BREAK - History - LUNCH - Chosen Subject


Monday: Maths - BREAK - History - LUNCH - Chosen Language
Tuesday: English - BREAK - Science - LUNCH - Chosen Subject
Wednesday: CSPE - BREAK - Geography - LUNCH - Maths
Thursday: P.E - BREAK - English - LUNCH - SPHE
Friday: Science - BREAK - Chosen Language - LUNCH - History


Monday: Science - BREAK - Chosen Subject - LUNCH - English
Tuesday: History - BREAK - Maths - LUNCH - Chosen Language
Wednesday: Science - BREAK - History - LUNCH - SPHE
Thursday: CSPE - BREAK - P.E - LUNCH - English
Friday: Maths - BREAK - English - LUNCH - Geography


Monday: Chosen Language - BREAK - English - LUNCH - Maths
Tuesday: Geography - BREAK - History - LUNCH - Science
Wednesday: Geography - BREAK - Chosen Subject - LUNCH - Maths
Thursday: SPHE - BREAK - CSPE - LUNCH - P.E
Friday: History - BREAK - Maths - LUNCH - Science

- German
- Spanish
- French

- Art
- Home Ec.
- Wood Work
- Metal Work
- Health & Safety
- Business
- Technical Graphics
- I.T

- Cheerleading [Mondays & Wednesdays]
- Football [Tuesdays & Fridays]
- Basketball [Tuesdays & Thursdays]
- Soccer [Wednesdays]
- Debate Team [Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday]
- Girls Active [For Freshmen & Sophomores only, Thursdays. (A variety of sports.)]
- The School News Paper [Fridays]

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Sports Birthdays for December 11 ? Roy Hibbert and More - TSM ...

Roy Hibbert
Gregory Shamus, Getty Images
Here are some of the people in the sports world celebrating birthdays on December 11:

Stu Jackson
Age: 57
Profession: Retired NBA ? NCAA Coach / Executive
Best Known For: The former head coach of the New York Knicks and later of the Vancouver Grizzlies, Stu Jackson is now Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations for the NBA. He is charged with penalizing, suspending and fining players for on-court offenses. Jackson served as head coach at the University of Wisconsin from 1992 to 1994.

Willie McGinest
Age: 41
Profession: Retired NFL Player
Best Known For: A two-time Pro Bowl linebacker, Willie McGinest played for the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns from 1994 to 2008. McGinest was a member of the Patriots? teams that won Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX. He holds the NFL record for most postseason sacks in a career with 16. McGinest played college football at USC. He was one of a select group of players ? Junior Seau and Chris Claiborne among them ? to wear jersey number 55 at the school.

Daniel Alfredsson
Age: 40
Profession: NHL Player
Best Known For: Daniel Alfredsson is a right wing with the Ottawa Senators. He has played with the team since 1995. Alfredsson was awarded the Calder Memorial Trophy as the NHL?s top rookie in 1996. He has been named to six All-Star teams. Alfredsson holds the Senators? franchise records for goals, assists and points. A native of Sweden, Alfredsson played on his country?s national team that won the gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Age: 36
Profession: Retired NBA Player
Best Known For: An All-Star forward, Shareef Abdur-Rahim played for the Vancouver Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings from 1996 to 2008. Abdur-Rahim averaged 18.1 points per game during his NBA career. He was a member of the U.S. men?s national basketball team that won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. He played college basketball at California.

Roy Hibbert
Age: 26
Profession: NBA Player
Best Known For: Roy Hibbert is a center for the Indiana Pacers, for whom he has played since 2008. Hibbert was named to the Eastern Conference All-Star team in 2012. He played himself in an appearance on the NBC comedy show ?Parks and Recreation? in 2011.


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Obama takes his case to people for "fiscal cliff" deal (reuters)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Washington state bar owner tells pot smokers to light up

OLYMPIA, Washington (Reuters) - Thanks to a successful ballot initiative last month, Washington state residents can legally smoke marijuana in the privacy of their living rooms as of Thursday.

When that gets old, bar owner Frank Schnarr suggests, area stoners have another option: grab a booth at Frankie's Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia and toke up there.

Schnarr, 62, says he is not acting out of a love of cannabis - he says he hasn't smoked the stuff since he was a soldier stationed in Southeast Asia in the 1970s. Rather, he's looking for new sources of income.

"I stay up at night," he said. "I'm about to lose my business. So I've got to figure out some way to get people in here."

Schnarr, who waged an ultimately successful battle with local and state officials over Washington's 2006 smoking ban, appears to be the first restaurant or bar owner in the state to test the recently expanded limits on recreational marijuana use.

So, is he breaking the law?

Federal, state and local officials appear unsure. Or if they are, they're not saying.

"Marijuana remains illegal under federal law," said Emily Langlie, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle. "I can't tell you whether what he's doing is legal or not."

Says Tom Morrill, Olympia's city attorney: "We're looking into it. There are a lot of changes in state law right now. That's all I can say."

Mikhail Carpenter, spokesman for the state's Liquor Control Board, newly empowered to make rules for and oversee the state's planned regime for the cultivation, processing and sale of marijuana, is similarly noncommittal.

"The board is weighing its options with regard to Frankie's," he said. "It's not perfectly crystal clear as to who this falls to."

Carpenter said he knows of no other bar or restaurant in the state that allows marijuana smoking.

The legal gray area that Schnarr is exploiting exists in part thanks to his earlier fight over the smoking ban.

In order to flout it, Schnarr renamed his establishment's smoking-friendly second floor as "Friends of Frankie's," a private room limited to those who pay a $10 annual membership fee.

A full range of alcoholic beverages are for sale and the room is staffed by comely bartenders and cocktail waitresses. They are volunteers entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses and childcare but otherwise making their living off tips.

"Frank's ahead of the curve on (allowing marijuana use)," says Shawn Newman, Schnarr's attorney. "A lot of other taverns, bars and restaurants would like to do this, but they didn't have enough chutzpah to fight the smoking ban so they're locked into non-smoking operations."

Schnarr says "Friends of Frankie's" has over 10,000 members, with upwards of 40 joining in the two days since he announced that marijuana would be welcome.

To help appeal to his new target market, Schnarr has introduced a $4.20 appetizer menu ? included are breaded shrimp, breaded cheese sticks and breaded mushrooms ? and he is toying with the possibility of opening a medical marijuana dispensary on a nearby property.

But he isn't looking to attract Olympia's sizable transient crowd, or stoned college students.

"I'll have security in here, and if I see a bunch of guys just trying to get ripped, they're gone," he said.

Early last Friday evening, a few dozen customers played pool, drank beer, smoked cigarettes and loosened up for an impending shuffleboard tournament.

Only a small group at the back of the bar appeared to be smoking pot, a glass jar of the stuff sitting on the table between them.

Chris Sapp, 28, a long-haired diesel mechanic and longtime Frankie's member, said being able to smoke pot at the bar makes him feel like he's in Amsterdam.

"If I wasn't a friend of Frankie's already I'd be one now because you can come here and smoke and feel free," he said after taking a pull from a small pipe. "That's how it should be. We shouldn't have to hide weed."

Across the room, another patron commended Schnarr for welcoming pot use but begged off giving his name. As a volunteer firefighter, he said, he wasn't supposed to be in contact with marijuana smoke.

"I cannot be in this room," he lamented. "It's not like I'm sitting here smoking a joint or anything. My problem is that I'd love to, but I can't.

(Editing by Mary Wisniewski and Tim Gaynor; Desking by Christopher Wilson)


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A pattern given by nature

Monday, December 10, 2012

A new plant-parasitic nematode worm (Meloidoderita salina) was found in a tidal salt marsh at Mont Saint Michel Bay (MSMB) in France, where its abbey is a world-famous historical heritage. The species name 'salina' refers to salty soil and is derived from the Latin word 'sal' or 'salis' meaning 'salt'. The study was published in the peer-reviewed, open source scientific journal ZooKeys.

The female nematode worm of Meloidoderita salina deposits its eggs in two different structures. One of them is called egg mass which is an external gelatinous matrix, the other one is a cystoid, which is a swollen uterus containing some eggs. Cystoid are harder and stronger than gelatinous matrix. On the surface of the cystoids of Meloidoderita salina, nematologists observed a specific and unique hexagonal beaded pattern.

"This discovery is probably the first observation of a real hexagonal pattern in the group of nematode worms so far, and further research is needed to find out its unknown origin", said Prof. Dr. Gerrit Karssen, one of the senior members of the team.

A tidal salt marsh, a transition zone between land and water, is a highly divers ecosystem. In MSMB, where this new nematode species was found, a large part of its area are tidal salt marshes in which a high number of ecological studies were done, although nematode worms have been mostly neglected.

"Meloidoderita salina is the first plant-parasitic nematode worm described from Mont Saint Michel Bay", said leading author Samad Ashrafi. This new roundworm parasitizes Sea purslane which is a halophytic plant (is found in salt waters). As a vegetable, the leaves of the plant have a salty, spinach-like taste and are edible raw or cooked and are also served in restaurants.

Based on the distribution map of Sea purslane in Europe, the team expects to find this new plant-parasitic nematode worm in "other western European countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK".

The nematologists who described this nematode worm predict it is likely to find Meloidoderita salina on other halophytic plants, grown in similar salt marsh areas.


Ashrafi S, Mugni?ry D, van Heese EYJ, van Aelst AC, Helder J, Karssen G (2012) Description of Meloidoderita salina sp. n. (Nematoda, Sphaeronematidae) from a micro-tidal salt marsh at Mont-Saint-Michel Bay in France. ZooKeys 249: 1?26. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.249.4138

Pensoft Publishers:

Thanks to Pensoft Publishers for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

This press release has been viewed 27 time(s).


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Friday, December 7, 2012

Search for 6 bodies in Dutch shipping accident

In this photograph released by the Royal Dutch Navy ships taking part in the rescue operation for sunken cargo ship Baltic Ace are seen in high waves late Wednesday night, Dec. 5, 2012. Four crew members died and seven were missing in the icy waters of the North Sea, after a cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank off the Dutch coast Wednesday night, rescuers said. The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace collided with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, had a crew of 24 which was forced to abandon ship as it sank quickly. (AP Photo/Royal Dutch Navy) NO SALES MANDATORY CREDIT

In this photograph released by the Royal Dutch Navy ships taking part in the rescue operation for sunken cargo ship Baltic Ace are seen in high waves late Wednesday night, Dec. 5, 2012. Four crew members died and seven were missing in the icy waters of the North Sea, after a cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank off the Dutch coast Wednesday night, rescuers said. The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace collided with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, had a crew of 24 which was forced to abandon ship as it sank quickly. (AP Photo/Royal Dutch Navy) NO SALES MANDATORY CREDIT

In this photograph released by the Royal Dutch Navy ships taking part in the rescue operation for sunken cargo ship Baltic Ace are seen in high waves late Wednesday night, Dec. 5, 2012. Four crew members died and seven were missing in the icy waters of the North Sea, after a cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank off the Dutch coast Wednesday night, rescuers said. The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace collided with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, had a crew of 24 which was forced to abandon ship as it sank quickly. (AP Photo/Royal Dutch Navy,) NO SALES MANDATORY CREDIT

In this photograph released by the Baltic Ace cargo ship is seen in IJmuiden, Netherlands, 2012. Four crew members died and seven were missing in the icy waters of the North Sea, after a cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank off the Dutch coast Wednesday night, rescuers said. The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace collided with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, had a crew of 24 which was forced to abandon ship as it sank quickly. (AP Photo/Hans Blomvliet for,) NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT

In this photograph released by the Baltic Ace cargo ship is seen in IJmuiden, Netherlands Feb. 1, 2012. Four crew members died and seven were missing in the icy waters of the North Sea, after a cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank off the Dutch coast Wednesday night, rescuers said. The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace collided with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, had a crew of 24 which was forced to abandon ship as it sank quickly. (AP Photo/Hans Blomvliet for NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT

In this photograph released by the Corvus J. cargo ship is seen in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2012. Four crew members of cargo ship Baltic Ace died and seven were missing in the icy waters of the North Sea, after the Corvus J. collided with the Baltic Ace and sank off the Dutch coast Wednesday night Dec. 5. 2012 rescuers said. The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace collided with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, had a crew of 24 which was forced to abandon ship as it sank quickly. (AP Photo/Michel Kodde for NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT

(AP) ? Rescuers gave up hope of finding any more survivors from a cargo ship that sank in the frigid North Sea off the Dutch coast, saying Thursday they are searching for the bodies of six crewmen still missing. That brings the presumed death toll to 11.

Search planes, helicopters and ships resumed the search that was called off in the early hours, but the icy conditions made survival virtually impossible.

"Given the water temperature and the amount of time that's passed, we don't have any hope for more survivors," Peter Westenburg of the Dutch Coast Guard said. Four bodies were found Wednesday, and 13 survivors were rescued. A fifth body was found and retrieved Thursday by a Belgian government helicopter.

The 148-meter (485-foot) Baltic Ace sank after colliding with the 134-meter (440-foot) container ship Corvus J in darkness near busy shipping lanes some 65 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands. The cause of the collision is not known.

The Dutch waterways agency said it has sent two vessels to the spot to help guide traffic and to lay buoys around the area of the sunken wreck. One is using sonar equipment to establish exactly how deep and where it lies on the seabed.

The agency said it is in contact with the ship's owner about possible salvage operations.

The Baltic Ace, carrying a cargo of cars, sank quickly as its crew of 24 tried to abandon ship.

Dutch police have identified the five victims whose bodies have been found as two Poles, aged 47 and 50; two Filipinos aged 30 and 51; and a 47-year-old Ukrainian.

Four of the survivors were flown to a hospital in Rotterdam and seven to a military hospital in Belgium. All are expected to recover. The location of the other two survivors was unclear.

Janusz Wolosz, an official with Poland's embassy in The Hague, said that in addition to the two Polish crew members who have been confirmed dead, three are missing and six crew, including the Polish captain, are recovering after being rescued.

"They were all well-qualified for their jobs," said Mariusz Lenckowski, of the agency that employed the Polish seamen. He said the Baltic Ace was built in the Gdynia shipyard in Poland in 2007.

The Baltic Ace, sailing under a Bahamas flag, was heading from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge to Kotka in Finland, and the Cyprus-registered Corvus J was on its way from Grangemouth in Scotland to Antwerp, Belgium.

Photos of the Corvus J published by the Coast Guard showed serious damage to its prow, but it was not considered in danger of sinking. Its 12-man crew was unharmed and had assisted in the search Wednesday, but on Thursday it began heading toward Antwerp for repairs.

Sandra Groenendal of the Dutch Safety Board said responsibility for investigating the crash lies with the states under whose flags the ships were sailing ? the Bahamas and Cyprus ? because the collision happened outside Dutch territorial waters. However, she added it was possible those states would seek Dutch assistance.

The safety board later said in a statement it has offered its assistance in the investigation.

The owner of the Baltic Ace, Ray Car Carriers Ltd., and its manager, STAMCO Ship Management Co. Ltd., put out a statement of condolences to the families of the dead and missing crew, and said they will be offered support.

Company representatives were not immediately available to answer questions about the cargo or how much fuel might still be aboard the wrecked vessel.

Netherlands government data shows 260,000 ships cross through Dutch waters annually, mostly foreign ships. Due in part to the nearby location of Rotterdam, Europe's largest port, it is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, yet fewer than 20 accidents happen annually, and few involve fatal injuries.


Associated Press writers Mike Corder in The Hague, Netherlands, and Monica Scislowska in Warsaw, Poland, contributed.

Associated Press


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The attorney-client relationship ? Are you getting what you deserve ...

By DEANA A. LABRIOLA, Ward and Smith, P.A.

Editor?s Note: Deana A. Labriola is a member of the Business Practice Group at Ward and Smith, P.A. This article previously appeared in WRAL Techwire.

At its most basic level, the relationship between attorneys and clients is one of customer service ? the attorney provides a service to the client and the client pays for it. If the relationship is done right, you and your business should have a long and rewarding relationship with an attorney or attorneys, with you considering the attorney(s) as an essential part of your business team.

On the other hand, the attorney should consider a client as the attorney?s customer, always remembering how the attorney wants to be treated when buying a service from others. While every attorney-client relationship is different, every client should receive a base level of customer service from his or her attorney.

The following tenets are critical to a successful attorney-client relationship. If you and your attorney are not able to get together on these basic tenets, it may be time for you to re-evaluate your relationship.

Communication ? Does Your Attorney Talk to You?

Good communication is the guiding principle of any relationship and should be the defining principle of your attorney-client relationship.

One of the most frequent client complaints about attorneys is that they do not return telephone calls promptly or respond to emails in a timely manner. You should expect a timely, not necessarily immediate, response to all of your communications. It?s as simple as that.
While the above is true, you should also remember that attorneys must balance, manage, and prioritize the needs of all of their clients.

You will not be your attorney?s only client, and each client will feel that his or her need is the greatest and most immediate. Your attorney must prioritize and balance those many needs simultaneously, but should let each client, including you, know what to expect. While all matters won?t need your attorney?s immediate attention, your attorney should gauge priorities and clearly communicate a time frame for when your matter will be addressed (and then meet that timeframe, of course!).

In addition, your attorney should proactively keep you informed about your matter. While many things in the business world move slower or faster than anticipated, your attorney should know the status of your matter at all times, and communicate with you on a periodic basis even if there is no status change at all.

Forget TV; Competence in the Law Does Not Always Equal a Win

If you are seeking legal advice about an employment, business, or other matter, your attorney should have a basic skill set or core competency to solve the problems about which you are seeking advice. This may be the most difficult piece of the relationship for you to judge, simply because you will not have a background in the particular area of law at issue. However, do your homework on a prospective attorney and be leery if the attorney states or implies that he or she can handle a matter when that attorney cannot provide you with evidence of a core competency in that subject area. Ask questions and judge the answers, just as you would with doctors, general contractors, or automobile service departments.

Competence also means that the attorney knows when he or she should not handle a matter for you. The law today is filled with specialty practices. For good or bad, there is too much law made each day for any attorney to stay abreast of it all. Therefore, if a prospective attorney indicates that he or she handles every kind of matter, be afraid, be very afraid. A good attorney will honestly tell you what is outside of the attorney?s expertise, and then find someone, either inside or outside of the attorney?s firm, who can help.

Finally, you should remember that, in any litigation, there is a winner and a loser, or two losers. Litigation is seldom a ?win-win? proposition. Usually, even the loser is represented by an attorney. Good attorneys advocate for their clients, but advocating does not always equal a win. Remember, Clarence Darrow lost the Scopes trial and Atticus Finch lost Tom Robinson?s trial. Even good attorneys get a bad result sometimes, but your judgment about an attorney should not always be about wins and losses. Instead, your judgment should include whether the attorney vigorously advocated for the client?s rights and provided the level of service needed and expected to do the job.

Fees ? Does it Really Cost That?

Good attorneys are not cheap, but do you choose your doctor based on who charges the lowest fee? Attorneys do need to let you know and help you to understand in advance the work that will be performed and how billing will be handled. A good attorney will talk to you at the beginning of an engagement and explain the billing process in detail. Then, when bills are high, a good attorney will provide enough detail so you will know what work has been done for the fee charged. A good attorney lets you know in advance what to expect about bills, and then follows through. If a matter will cost more than originally expected, and sometimes it does for reasons outside of the attorney?s control, a good attorney will communicate that to you early and often.

Along those lines, a good attorney also makes proper choices about who performs the work. The attorney should make thoughtful choices about whether a paralegal or junior associate can do a particular task as effectively as the attorney, but for less.

While everybody enjoys getting the lowest price for services provided, legal fees should not be about the lowest price. In your business, you don?t always contract with the lowest bidder. You take experience, reputation, and proven performance into consideration as well. In your personal life, you don?t always buy the cheapest product. After all, both a Yugo and a Lexus are cars, but you will consider what you want your car to provide for you.

A good attorney will add value to your business or affairs and deserves to be paid for the attorney?s time in light of the value provided. You should ask questions about anything that is unclear with respect to a bill, and your attorney should always be willing to answer those questions thoughtfully. That way, you can feel fully informed even in the wake of an expensive legal bill.

Basic Expectations ? Is the Customer Service Relationship that Hard?

The remaining qualities a good attorney should have are what you should expect every service provider to provide to you as a customer.

They are:

? Listens to you.
? Treats you with respect and courtesy.
? Pays attention to you and your matter: No matter how small your matter is, you should never feel that it is too small for your attorney?s attention.
? Is accessible and responsive. That does not mean that your attorney cannot go on vacation or have other clients, but your attorney should communicate to you if he or she will be out of town and nevertheless be accessible when you really need immediate help.


The attorney client relationship is no different from any other customer service relationship. A buyer expects good service and a quality product from the person who works on his or her home, from the person who sells insurance, and from any person who serves the customer in a restaurant. Good attorneys communicate and advocate with and for clients, develop strong relationships with their clients, and provide excellent customer service. If a good attorney accomplishes these things, he or she is worth the money spent. Are you getting what you deserve?

? 2012, Ward and Smith, P.A.

Ward and Smith, P.A. provides a multi specialty approach to the representation of technology companies and their officers, directors, employees, and investors. Deana A. Labriola practices in the Business Practice Group, where she represents many business owners in a variety of business matters. Comments or questions may be sent to

This article is not intended to give, and should not be relied upon for, legal advice in any particular circumstance or fact situation. No action should be taken in reliance upon the information contained in this article without obtaining the advice of an attorney.



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Polar ice melt accelerates (+video)

The Earth's ice sheets are melting three times faster than they were two decades ago, 47 researchers say in a recently published study. The scientists fault human-created global warming for the dramatic increase in melting.

By Seth Borenstein,?Associated Press / November 29, 2012

Fueled by global warming,?polar?ice?sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are now melting three times faster than they did in the 1990s, a new scientific study says.

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'; } else if (google_ads.length > 1) { ad_unit += ''; } } document.getElementById("ad_unit").innerHTML += ad_unit; google_adnum += google_ads.length; return; } var google_adnum = 0; google_ad_client = "pub-6743622525202572"; google_ad_output = 'js'; google_max_num_ads = '1'; google_feedback = "on"; google_ad_type = "text"; google_adtest = "on"; google_image_size = '230x105'; google_skip = '0'; // -->

So far, that's only added about half an inch (1.3 centimeters) to rising sea levels, not as bad as some earlier worst case scenarios. But the melting's quicker pace, especially in Greenland, has?ice?scientists worried.

One of the biggest wild cards in climate change has been figuring out how much the melting of the massive sheets of?ice?at the two poles would add to the seas. Until now, researchers haven't agreed on how fast the mile-thick sheets are thawing ? and if Antarctica was even losing?ice.

The new research concludes that Antarctica is melting, but points to the smaller?ice?sheet in Greenland, which covers most of the island, as the bigger and more pressing issue. Its melt rate has grown from about 55 billion tons a year in the 1990s to almost 290 billion tons a year recently, according to the study.

"Greenland is really taking off," said National Snow and?Ice?Data Center scientist Ted Scambos, a co-author of the paper released Thursday by the journal Science.

Study lead author Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds in England, said their results provide a message for negotiators in Doha, Qatar, who are working on an international agreement to fight global warming: "It's very clear now that Greenland is a problem."

Scientists blame man-made global warming for the melting. Burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that trap heat, warming the atmosphere and oceans. Bit-by-bit, that erodes the?ice?sheets from above and below. Snowfall replenishes the?ice?sheets, but hasn't kept pace with the rate of melting.

Because the world's oceans are so big, it takes a lot of?ice?melting ? about 10 trillion tons ? to raise sea levels 1 inch (2.5 centimeters). Since 1992,?ice?sheets at the poles have lost nearly 5 trillion tons of?ice, the study says, raising sea levels by about a half inch.

That seemingly tiny extra bit probably worsened the flooding from an already devastating Superstorm Sandy last month, said NASA?ice?scientist Erik Ivins, another co-author of the study. He said the extra weight gives each wave a little more energy.


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